Monday, 1 March 2010

I'm in the blog pack!!

Ok I know there has been a lot of talk about it being the elitest pack, but still to be chosen to be part of the blog pack is a fantastic honor... Thank you!

On a slightly sideways topic if any of you haven't heard podded's latest podcast, go listen! As well as being extremley funny they are running a contest giving away a years free timecodes to who ever sends the best 3 minute audio file .. Eve related of course! The main reason I mention this is they promised a digital blowjob to those that promote the contest and spread the word, and I'm curious!!

And in other news, I took delivery of my covert ops ship last night, can't wait to try that bad boy out!! Also last night we welcomed a mate of mine " the sarj" into btek, I'm now the proud owner of a noob to train an 30 days game time!! Fun projects all over!

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