Monday, 1 March 2010

A welcome to those on Iphone

Thought I'd make this post to bring those that only read blogs on thee iPhone upto speed..

I'm astral Dominix, a member of the Corp bright star tec for the last few months, I am primarily a mission runner at the moment but i am known to partake in a little pvp when ever I get the chance!!

Our Corp is mainly industral and mission running however there is a lot of talk of joining an alliance and heading out to null sec soonish, so I am developing skills I think will be useful to that end.

I am not a uber player with great wisdom yet, I am about 6 months in, I can fly and fit most Amarr ships up to battle cruiser to a decent t2 fit, I try to use this blog to share my goals, achivements and the lessons I am learning with fellow new players to give older players a giggle and to keep track of my life in eve.

I am planning on a new player guide to mission running soon as I feel most of the guides out there lead to pvp or digging roids ( which bores me to tears)
Also a corp mate has mentioned doing some lowsec ratting soon as well as some low sec courier work for the Corp.. So expect some reports from that.

And lastly welcome to my eve life!!

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