Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Quick pew pew update..

I said recently I had been out in low sec and failed to get in a fight and was a little disapointed, well I got in a fight last night .. And died. As soon as I undocked infact I was under fire from a mauller and a rifter, I was in armor before the screen had loaded, at Which point the rifter bailed and left me with the mauller, I put up a decent fight taking him to 50% armor before going pop lol!
I fully intend to refit and get back to lowsec hunting asap as soon as I have a few shiny new ships to lose in my hanger. Will be in high sec for the rest of the week paying for them and helping with BTEK recruitment then off to null and hopefully a roam with mail, should also have T2 AC's by then mwahahaha!

** update: didn't check the kill mail last night, it wasn't a mallet and a rifter it was a Sacrilege (HAC) and a Fed Navy comet.

Thanks kozmic