Monday, 8 March 2010

Well I tried to die!!!

Ok so i made a decision today, I'm gonna learn to pvp properly, so today I hopped in by best pvp fit punished

3x small beams II

T2 scram
T2 ab

T2 regen nano
100mm plate
T2 small rep
Skadi cooling sys

And asked in the Corp who wanted to come get blown up... No one did so, I went alone.

My thinking was pirates start somewhere and with crap ships so I'd find and kill them. It's harder than it sounds, I flew through over 30 low sec systems trying to get a pirate to kill me, often shouting in local " mr piwate please come kill me!"

But they didn't I got close to a dremeil and a rokah fight but both wouldn't shoot first, every one else thought it was a tarp lol

Moral of the story... Low sec is safe for crazy people
My first low sec roam.. A fail but not for the reasons I expected.

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