Tuesday, 23 March 2010

My mission statement

I was reading some blogs today while looking like I was working hard (I never work hard, I work smart), and thought that "diary of a pod pilot" wrote a superb post on the 7 habbits of highly effective people in eve. you can read his original post here

Most of the points he makes are stuff to work on in private, but I truly think point 2, setting clear goals in a mission statement, is something everyone should do. so for the first time i will list my goals publicly and give them a time frame, should I fail you may point and chuckle. These are listed in the order I wish to achive them :-

1- To fly all the ammar T2 frigs - Within 2 months.

This should be easy, given my skill's i could do this in 3 weeks but incase i get distracted. I have set this goal as i want a assult frig for lowsec ratting and pirate hunting, and the covert ops ships to ferry my jump clones to null in time.

2- to be able to fit a Battleship T2 - within 5 months.

I can Fly and fit a battleship now but cant fit T2 rigs guns or some mods..this is a big ask in 5 months as at least 2 months of that will be spent getting T2 large beams. this will be my main fleet ship in the future in my eyes, if im going to be involved in any null sec fights i intend to field a fully T2 fit battleship.

3- Command ship - within 9 months.

Should be able to do this, my goal here is to have a comand ship in empire for the purpose of mission running for isk and to train new corp members.

4- to be pay my subscription from the money i make in game- 1 year.

This is something im not so sure on, i'd like to be able to make enough ingame in a month to fund a plex each month and still be able to buy the ships and mods I need. If I was making 400 mill a month I should be sweet.

So those are my goals i hope they may inspire people to create their own goal set, or just to think about where they are headed over the next year, for me, the next year is learning not to be a PvP noob and EARNING a place in the galaxy, I have a lot to learn moving away from empire space but i think it will be worth it, and i will still keep a foot in empire for training and a fall back if I lose everything when I move towards null.