Tuesday, 23 March 2010

Eve gate

I just had a poke round the eve gate site...looks very nice!
In case you haven't heard they are running an alpha test and want everyone to check it out! The web addy is

Now I don't think it's connected to the server at the moment as I had to use a old password to get in and the mail I can see is old as is my Corp, but it gives a good idea what it will be like and I am even more excited now I have seen it.
The calender is sadly not functional yet, it does show all contacts in the address book and all that sort of stuff, amusingly it has a broadcast feature similar to the status bar on facebook to tell everyone what your doing or thinking... I can now broadcast the exact times of my bowl movements to anyone who cares to know lmao!!

Seriously it looks good and it will help CCP if we all abuse it to help load test it.