Monday, 8 March 2010

list of use full mission running skills...sort of..

Ok a freind of mine (mail lite @ has sugested i add some skills and sites that be use ful to mission runners.. and i think he is right , should have really added this in but hell i was suposed to be working lol! so here goes..

you should ve aiming for ASAP:

Cruiser to IV
Frigate IV
Your chosen tool of destruction IV
Connections III
Diplomacy III
Mil connections III
Salvager III

depending on race..

all sheild skills to IV ( for example modulation and calibration) to allow you to use good extenders and sheildd hardners..then train sheild rigs..get those purgers!!

armor tanks: repair systems to IV, hull upgrades IV, and all calibration skills (i.e EM armor calibration) to III

these skills wont realy come in to play until late in then lvl 2 missions or Lvl 3's but learning them early will make a Big difference!!

also some handy sites for mission runners are : - used to search for agents - used to look up specific mission details - look up ship fittings - general info all things eve.

Also, as Mail noticed i hadnt mentioned it, in later missions you need to tank for a specific damage type..look up what the enemy will be using on eve survival, if they are using EM and thermal for example, make sure you are fitted to resist those damage is unlikely you will be able to tank ALL damage types all the time do you may need to change mods depending on the missions you have...if i think of anything else or anyone else has any sugestions please let me know.