Monday, 29 March 2010

How to make Ninja's cry...

Recently I have been thinking about running a small sideline buisness in bear with me, because I havent trried this yet so im not 100% sure it would work, but if it does, it would be a fun way to piss off ninja salvagers.

I would pick a region know for ninja's, then advertise my "anti ninja service" for 10 mill a mission, if anyone decides they want me i buy a cheap t1 frig insured (a punisher most likely), fit it for speed and DPS then get them to fleet me so I can warp straight to them.
I would then sit by a station away from the fleet while they run the mission..should a ninja show up, i get them to lock him (stop's them cloaking) and get within 20 km i then warp in drop fleet and pop them before Concord pops me..basicly a suiside gank with morals!

As most of the ships people use to ninja have paper thin tanks I think I could pull this off, while it would cost me about 3-4 mill a time (i'd use good guns) i could be popping ninja's saving the mission runners 2-3 times that, and if im poping covert ops ships with nice probe launcher's will really upset them.
you could even offer 5 mill back if your not needed and make 5 mill for nothing..

If anyone has tried this or has any veiws or advive id love to hear from you as i think this would be a LOT of fun and am seriously thinking about giving it a go next week.