Monday, 8 March 2010

Mission running how to start..

This is a basic run down of how to get started in mission running, im writing this with new players in mind to stop them making some of the mistakes I made when i started. I will write an advanced guide for mission running in the future.

ok so i will assume you have done the tutorial's and know how to fly your ship and that you have a frigate or destroyer and are looking to get into a cruiser..if your not you should be, if I remember right you are given a decent frig for completing one of the tutorial lines.
your first goal should be to get in to a cruiser and start working on your skills, this will take money which is mission running will come in.
the first thing you need to do is decide who to work for and stick to them..for now.
The reason for this is if you bounce between agents early on (as muggins here did) it takes for ever to gain standings, which you need to unlock better paying missions.
If you have joined a corp yet ask who they have good standings with and work for them, you will gain access to better missions via the corp standings. If you are still with a NPC (starter) corp open you charecter sheet select standings and see who you have the highest standings with, then bring up there information and search for agents available to you.

You should in the begining be able to acess only lvl 1 missions, look for t
he highest quality available to you, preferably in security. the reason to go for security to begin with is you will mainly be fighting pirates, which will award bounties when you kill them, these will be small to begin with but they will all add up and at higher levels the bounties are worth more than the missions.

The next step is to fit your ship for the missions, im not gonna go to indepth here, as good fittings for all ships can be found at , also low level missions the setup is'nt to important, But the basic idea in a frigate is to fit yourself for speed, you want to fit a mod to repair your sheild OR armor, not both!! only tank one, both is a wasted slot. gallante and ammar tank armour caldari tank sheilds, and minitimar...well they are a odd mix.
fit the wepons that you recive a bonus too, lasers missiles or drones, and play to the strengths of the ship, if you need help look at the fittings sugested on battle clinc to point you in the right direction.

on Most lvl 1 and 2 missions you should be able to blast through with a frigate, some of the harder lvl 2's you may need a cruiser so start skilling for one as soon as you can, it doesnt take long to get in to a cruiser and they can take and deal a lot more damage than a frig or destroyer!

My next tip is as soon as you can train the skills to use a slavager, the salvage from the wreaks will net you a fortune to begin with and should help you buy a cruiser.

As soon as you can move on to lvl 2 missions, the differnce in pay and loot will make a big difference to your wallet!

My final beginers tip is ask your corp mates to run some lvl 4 missions with you as often as you can, the standings will go up very quickly doing this and you should make a few mill from each lvl 4 you help with.

have fun mission running i will write a more advanced guide when i get a little more time..