Saturday, 31 May 2014

Clone hunting prep.

I'm pretty pumped about the new mordu legion ships coming in a few days, and while I know there will be a gold rush to grab the ships , getting my hands on them could be as easy as killing a rat in a belt.. Or is it? 

I figured while thinking about this a few days ago that the closest thing would be hunting the clone soldier rats that drop tags for sec status tags.. Not rare but not that common and I imagined about the same difficulty level, so I took a comet out to the belts and found a clone recruiter, while I did kill him (very slowly) I couldn't believe how hard this rat hit and how we'll he tanked.. He was a bitch, no way I could work like this on launch day where everyone and his brother is looking to kill pve ships in the belts.

So back to the drawing board...the moa is a nice cruiser or might be once she gets a face lift, let's try that.
Epic fail is all I will say.
At this point I looked up a YouTube vid of mr pew soloing a clone soldier in a bomber.. Problem solved, a cloak and just sit at 55 I and kill at leisure. 

That idea lasted until I saw the patch notes for Kronos...

Missions & NPCs:

  • The Clone Soldier Trainer, Recruiter, Transporter and Negotiator NPCs found in low security asteroid belts have received significant upgrades to their engagement range. 
No more kiting in a bomber they will likely one shot you, and unless CCP have thir head up their ass same will go for the legion spawns.

So this leaves only a few options:

Kill very slowly in a AF
Kill a bit faster in a Cruiser and draw more attention
Kill very fast in a BC and die to the first real pirate that see's you
Or take a covert T3 that can refit for tank on the fly and hope you got some good situational awareness or your gonna lose some expensive kit...

I know which I'm gonna try, how about you?

Thursday, 29 May 2014

ok, stupid but i had to try

You know when you do something really dumb but you have to try because if it works it will be awesome...

some thing stoopid.

So there you have it. Would have been awesome if I had managed it. Astral.

Monday, 26 May 2014


I have noticed a lot of people do a "whats in my hanger " post, i have never done one before but thought this may be fun... please keep in mind this is what i have in Isho (our home base), I have loads of other crap spread over the place in little cashes's but this is the main bulk of my fighting fleet. hanger isho 26/5/14 photo ExeFile2014-05-2619-47-34-965.jpg click to enbiggen

Saturday, 17 May 2014

Thoughts on plexers

HThere are two types of player in lowsec, hunters and pray, the key to sucsess is understanding which you are, which is a very fluid concept most of the time.

Plexers may feel safe, they have their cloaks, they have their stabs, and they have safety in numbers which makes them feel like this

However we have cloaks too.. And we fit lots of scrams and no mater how often you get to run, sooner or later...


Friday, 9 May 2014

A new style

I have lost some interest in blogging lately, but have been recording fights a whole bunch more so this blog will be part blog part video diary from now on. I will still blog about the stuff that interests me however.

I have over the last few days racked up some good kills for only two losses and one of those was a slicer that I lost at a safe while editing some of these vid's. But below I'll link some kills I enjoyed and a few YouTube vid's of me popping peeps, nothing epic as all the good fights I had so much adrenaline pumping I forgot to hit record.

I hate venture's and theirpods too!.

This was a astral and rixx special on a corax and this one against a cormerent, rixx in that Tristan was tanking like a bitch!!

This was a good duel fight against a hookbill and a harpy. And finally, some vids of random fights... I will get better at these and remember to turn on the record button more often (honest)...