Friday, 9 May 2014

A new style

I have lost some interest in blogging lately, but have been recording fights a whole bunch more so this blog will be part blog part video diary from now on. I will still blog about the stuff that interests me however.

I have over the last few days racked up some good kills for only two losses and one of those was a slicer that I lost at a safe while editing some of these vid's. But below I'll link some kills I enjoyed and a few YouTube vid's of me popping peeps, nothing epic as all the good fights I had so much adrenaline pumping I forgot to hit record.

I hate venture's and theirpods too!.

This was a astral and rixx special on a corax and this one against a cormerent, rixx in that Tristan was tanking like a bitch!!

This was a good duel fight against a hookbill and a harpy. And finally, some vids of random fights... I will get better at these and remember to turn on the record button more often (honest)...