Saturday, 31 May 2014

Clone hunting prep.

I'm pretty pumped about the new mordu legion ships coming in a few days, and while I know there will be a gold rush to grab the ships , getting my hands on them could be as easy as killing a rat in a belt.. Or is it? 

I figured while thinking about this a few days ago that the closest thing would be hunting the clone soldier rats that drop tags for sec status tags.. Not rare but not that common and I imagined about the same difficulty level, so I took a comet out to the belts and found a clone recruiter, while I did kill him (very slowly) I couldn't believe how hard this rat hit and how we'll he tanked.. He was a bitch, no way I could work like this on launch day where everyone and his brother is looking to kill pve ships in the belts.

So back to the drawing board...the moa is a nice cruiser or might be once she gets a face lift, let's try that.
Epic fail is all I will say.
At this point I looked up a YouTube vid of mr pew soloing a clone soldier in a bomber.. Problem solved, a cloak and just sit at 55 I and kill at leisure. 

That idea lasted until I saw the patch notes for Kronos...

Missions & NPCs:

  • The Clone Soldier Trainer, Recruiter, Transporter and Negotiator NPCs found in low security asteroid belts have received significant upgrades to their engagement range. 
No more kiting in a bomber they will likely one shot you, and unless CCP have thir head up their ass same will go for the legion spawns.

So this leaves only a few options:

Kill very slowly in a AF
Kill a bit faster in a Cruiser and draw more attention
Kill very fast in a BC and die to the first real pirate that see's you
Or take a covert T3 that can refit for tank on the fly and hope you got some good situational awareness or your gonna lose some expensive kit...

I know which I'm gonna try, how about you?

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