Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A bit of fun.

As I am waiting for vespa to finish a few skills i need for a project I decided to use her to give faction warfare a go...now before I start, vespa is not at present a combat pilot...at all.
Anyway I signed her up with the federation (a decision made by the fact it was the only faction she has any standing with)  and hopped in a t1 fit merlin to try my hand.
I found myself out in loes with our system being plexed by a nasty caldari type...doing a little research I found the pilot was only 2 months old and in a navy hookbill. I knew my skills were shit but had to give it a shot. I warped into the plex and she ran!
I had a little dig in local and started turning the plex back to ours. After a few mins she warped back in...clearly didnt like being called a wuss in local. So my indy pilot took on her faction frig in a t1 fit merlin..it did not end well. I should have kept range better but really vespa just couldnt hit hard enough with t1 rails. I popped . Not to be a sore loser i offered a gf in local and congratulated the pilot on having the balls to come back.
Then I decided fair play was done and switched toons to astral...and discovered something I didnt know, you cant enter a minor plex with a AF. Bollox.
Denied an easy kill..
I spent a bit of time after this playing round with some fits and have come up with one I cant wait to try tonight , originally to kill fw pilots but should be pretty good against most frigs if I pick my fights well.  I will keep you updated.

Wednesday, 25 July 2012

time and isk

The last week I have been short of both. I have been doing a little exploration in my spare time and still find it a enjoyable way to top up my cash, however I now have the spare resources and skills to take it to the next level..at the moment i am finishing the skills Vespa needs to make use of the T2 rig bpc's and salvage astral finds a lot of in mag sites, i know they don't sell very well but when they do it it will keep me afloat for months at a time so I can live with the slow moving stocks. I hope to be back out roaming and killing shit very very soon. on a side note I have recived a new ad for EON,if you dont read it, start. for those like me that read this through the web feed not my wonderful (if slightly scruffy) site... volla Photobucket

Monday, 16 July 2012

Of lowsec and faction warfare

A while back..maybe a year or so I and a lot of others were saying lowsec was empty. The mechanics were great but no one but pirates and the odd explorer lived there.
Since I have come back to the game I have spent a lot of my time in lowsec, and I have been seriously impressed with the change, FW seems to have given low a new lease of life,areas are teeming with industrialists and FW pilots exploiting low (in a good way), this has led to great times for piracy and small gangs!
I only really have 1 grumble..The faction warfare sites  make it to easy to run away!  you enter most of these sites through a acceleration gate and the objective is about 60-75 km away giving the pilots doing the site an age to warp out if a member of the opposing milita or a piwate arrives!
My idea to stop this slightly is to introduce a mechanic that when you use a acceleration gate to reach a deadspace pocket it overloads your warp core and has a 5 min countdown before you can warp again.
This wont stop people doing the sites fast but means you are commited when u warp in..and not just the inital pilot any attacker could easily become the victim if reinforcements show up...
Just an idea, what do you think?

Saturday, 14 July 2012


This week I havent been on as much as I would have liked, however the time I have been on (and not hauling crap all over the galaxy) I have been trying out some thrashers. As I mainly fly Amarr I have never really taken this little DPS powerhouse out for a spin, but dessies are quite comon in low sec atm and are great for frig killing so I decided to give one a go. My first attempt at a thrasher started well enough...built what i thought was a ok fit started to move it out to lowsec and ran smack into a gatecamp. The second attempt met with slightly more fun, I was out roaming about and a fellow pirate challenged me to a 1v1 thrasher v thrasher...I dont often say no to a 1v1 (unless im doing something important) so we danced..I lost, but I did learn from it. and after having a chat with my opponent, a decent guy named Ilik Tanikalot. I decided to stop trying to use my piss poor sheild skills and go with a armour tank. so the third and so far final thrasher was built. I took it out hunting some FW pilots and got a few tears in local when they ran away from the sites but didnt catch any of them :( on the upside a tusker pilot (always fun to fight) turned up in a arty fit Rifter and tried his luck, my new fit stood the test and i got my first solo kill in thrasher here. I also Managed to make my second friday night roam with the BDFS and the BRRC boys, the "keada d00med us all" roam this weeks ship the line was ..a thrasher! we hunted a lot of systems for a couple of hours until we got into a bit of a fight on a gate..our 14 odd thrashers were out gunned by stabbers dramiels and a few AF's but i did manage to get in on a Fleet issue stabber kill before we had to bail. After that I was kinda beat so I left the roam but i'm deffo feeling a lot more confident in a thrasher. I think BDFS is still recruiting if anyone out there thinks this kinda shit, check it out here

Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fun and Games

Well i'm having a blast out with the black dragon's at the moment, to be honest i've been drunk for most of it but have already got a couple of fun kills and a couple of reckless losses. One thing that is really standing out for me in lowsec is the amount of pilots running the faction warfare site's! It is making lowsec paradise for targets and im seeing a nice mix of new pilots and hardcore pvp'ers loads of good fights to be found :) First day out with the black dragons I was running some stuff out to my new home when a new member of the corp and only 3 days into the game asked if he could come hunting to learn..so in the way back i bought out the venge for a play, found a merlin running a plex and for 15 mins played a game of cat and mouse trying to teach my new freind to get tackle in his faster rifter, almost nabbed him a few times but after the site despawned, and I thought we were late for a roam so we left him. However on ariving home I found out I was actually an hour early for the roam...stupid BST (like i said slightly drunk) so i went to hang out at a belt looking for trouble and within minuites a jag landed ...rude not to and a few new corpies came to lend as hand here. I did get out on the roam later but had to leave before we killed anything other than rats, however the fleet looked pretty cool, like a angry swarm. I did take 1 quick pic
today has been some more rolling about moving crap and even a quick gate camp in null...rifters and drag bubbles lol! was a giggle, I lost a rifter in a valiant attempt to kill a cynobal here. Things are certainly more interesting since moving back to low. tho I still cant kill a cynobal in a rifter :(

Friday, 6 July 2012

New corp for astral.

It's official. I am now a proud member of the Black Dragon fighting society! The sister corp to the black rebel rifter club and part of the devils tattoo alliance.
What that means to anyone unsure is im going back to piracy in a BIG way and going to be flying with some very cool people! I shall be posting all my glorious kills and stupid losses here and hopefully atractying some more new recruits and potential pirates to the black dragons!
I have taken a pic of my custom built pirate tools...their will be rectal breaches coming up.

Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another splosion

Ok sorry this is a little late, I got tied up yesterday. I logged in yesterday and was chit chat chatting with the guys in the black rifter club again. I am currently looking into joining them or the new fighting Dragon corp they are forming as I need to be ding something other than running missions. Vespa will still be running missions and i am just topping off her skills for a drake so she can run missions and mine (and transport crap to lowsec for me)so if anyone has a active indy corp in amarr space that wants a extra hand and doesn't mind if i'm only on when i'm not blowing shit up gimme a shout ;) After a little assing around yesterday i did manage to get a 1v1 with a fine gent I have been chatting with Saria Dehmov we both had 10 mins to kill if you'll excuse the pun and I wanted to test the punisher fit i was using against a pilot that was older than a few months. we woth pitched up in punisher's and agreed to a fight at a safe, saria warped to me, I agressed as lossing sec status wasn't an issue, for the first few mins neither of us could hurt the others tank, it looked to be a stalemate, so I overheated the AC's I began edging the damage but ever so slowly, then the damage I was taking started to creep up, I was engrossed..who would win, at this point 3 things happend, my repper NOS and guns all burnt out lol. silly mistake but meh full credit to Saria he was bang on with his fit, I couldnt break the tank without overheating and couldn't keep the cooker on that long..with no guns and no repper wasnt long till my experiment popped Later that evening I almost made it out for a roam with the Black rebels but got called away just before it started with a small problem... hence the delayed post.

Monday, 2 July 2012


Ok happy people let me explain my post earlier.....
I was at work today reading some blogs, one in particular I enjoy is the brutor bullfighter and the black rebel rifta lot, I was reading also about them in through newb eyes and thought they seem like a cool corp if I decide to get back into some pirate action.
So I took a look at their forums and what they want to let you join, one thing stood out..a recent kill or loss mail and a discription of the fight.
Now other than a couple of idiotic losses lately due to playing afk I didnt have a good kill mail for show and tell, so i decided to travel to heild listed as the black rebels home system and pick a fight...preferably with the bull fighter himself for a fun loss or kill mail.
When I got home I built a custom punisher and flew down to heild..and after asking in local and the rebels local channel for a 1v1 and a small game of chase with a rupture..no one wanted to fight.
I was determined I would fight someone...after a few moments i found a rifta on scan and asked the guy in local for a 1v1..
To my suprise mane dust accepted, we agreed to warp to a station can flip and fight..as I landed on station I found a few canes sitting there so warped out and made a safe, i invited mane to fleet and let him warp to me...he made it past the canes and landed 30km from me.
I locked him up and sped towards him my 150mm autocannon's (yes on a punisher) started chewing up his sheild with fleet emp, it looked a fair fight until we hit armor he could barely scratch my tank and as i switched to my armour shreder's his armour melted like butter.
A few moments later he popped and offered a good fight as did I. In the rest of the convo he mentioned he was new at this... But he dodged canes...he flew his pod out before i could lock..he didnt seem that new?!?
Checking the age of his toon, he was less than a month old..my guess is a new pvp alt. I felt bad as he never really had a chance with those skills. I offered some encouragement and after asking for any other takers for a 1v1 docked for the evening.
The kill mail is Here.
Fly classy


Tonight I will explode some one or be exploded.
That is all.

Sunday, 1 July 2012


Since my return a lot of people have been talking about faction warfare? after some research i still don't know if this is fun or worth it now, has anyone had many experiences with this? I might even give it a go if I find a corp that knows what they are doing... I like the idea of faction warfare but I would wanna be down with the ammar lot for the faction ships.