Saturday, 7 July 2012

Fun and Games

Well i'm having a blast out with the black dragon's at the moment, to be honest i've been drunk for most of it but have already got a couple of fun kills and a couple of reckless losses. One thing that is really standing out for me in lowsec is the amount of pilots running the faction warfare site's! It is making lowsec paradise for targets and im seeing a nice mix of new pilots and hardcore pvp'ers loads of good fights to be found :) First day out with the black dragons I was running some stuff out to my new home when a new member of the corp and only 3 days into the game asked if he could come hunting to in the way back i bought out the venge for a play, found a merlin running a plex and for 15 mins played a game of cat and mouse trying to teach my new freind to get tackle in his faster rifter, almost nabbed him a few times but after the site despawned, and I thought we were late for a roam so we left him. However on ariving home I found out I was actually an hour early for the roam...stupid BST (like i said slightly drunk) so i went to hang out at a belt looking for trouble and within minuites a jag landed ...rude not to and a few new corpies came to lend as hand here. I did get out on the roam later but had to leave before we killed anything other than rats, however the fleet looked pretty cool, like a angry swarm. I did take 1 quick pic
today has been some more rolling about moving crap and even a quick gate camp in null...rifters and drag bubbles lol! was a giggle, I lost a rifter in a valiant attempt to kill a cynobal here. Things are certainly more interesting since moving back to low. tho I still cant kill a cynobal in a rifter :(