Wednesday, 25 July 2012

time and isk

The last week I have been short of both. I have been doing a little exploration in my spare time and still find it a enjoyable way to top up my cash, however I now have the spare resources and skills to take it to the next the moment i am finishing the skills Vespa needs to make use of the T2 rig bpc's and salvage astral finds a lot of in mag sites, i know they don't sell very well but when they do it it will keep me afloat for months at a time so I can live with the slow moving stocks. I hope to be back out roaming and killing shit very very soon. on a side note I have recived a new ad for EON,if you dont read it, start. for those like me that read this through the web feed not my wonderful (if slightly scruffy) site... volla Photobucket