Saturday, 14 July 2012


This week I havent been on as much as I would have liked, however the time I have been on (and not hauling crap all over the galaxy) I have been trying out some thrashers. As I mainly fly Amarr I have never really taken this little DPS powerhouse out for a spin, but dessies are quite comon in low sec atm and are great for frig killing so I decided to give one a go. My first attempt at a thrasher started well enough...built what i thought was a ok fit started to move it out to lowsec and ran smack into a gatecamp. The second attempt met with slightly more fun, I was out roaming about and a fellow pirate challenged me to a 1v1 thrasher v thrasher...I dont often say no to a 1v1 (unless im doing something important) so we danced..I lost, but I did learn from it. and after having a chat with my opponent, a decent guy named Ilik Tanikalot. I decided to stop trying to use my piss poor sheild skills and go with a armour tank. so the third and so far final thrasher was built. I took it out hunting some FW pilots and got a few tears in local when they ran away from the sites but didnt catch any of them :( on the upside a tusker pilot (always fun to fight) turned up in a arty fit Rifter and tried his luck, my new fit stood the test and i got my first solo kill in thrasher here. I also Managed to make my second friday night roam with the BDFS and the BRRC boys, the "keada d00med us all" roam this weeks ship the line was ..a thrasher! we hunted a lot of systems for a couple of hours until we got into a bit of a fight on a gate..our 14 odd thrashers were out gunned by stabbers dramiels and a few AF's but i did manage to get in on a Fleet issue stabber kill before we had to bail. After that I was kinda beat so I left the roam but i'm deffo feeling a lot more confident in a thrasher. I think BDFS is still recruiting if anyone out there thinks this kinda shit, check it out here