Wednesday, 4 July 2012

Another splosion

Ok sorry this is a little late, I got tied up yesterday. I logged in yesterday and was chit chat chatting with the guys in the black rifter club again. I am currently looking into joining them or the new fighting Dragon corp they are forming as I need to be ding something other than running missions. Vespa will still be running missions and i am just topping off her skills for a drake so she can run missions and mine (and transport crap to lowsec for me)so if anyone has a active indy corp in amarr space that wants a extra hand and doesn't mind if i'm only on when i'm not blowing shit up gimme a shout ;) After a little assing around yesterday i did manage to get a 1v1 with a fine gent I have been chatting with Saria Dehmov we both had 10 mins to kill if you'll excuse the pun and I wanted to test the punisher fit i was using against a pilot that was older than a few months. we woth pitched up in punisher's and agreed to a fight at a safe, saria warped to me, I agressed as lossing sec status wasn't an issue, for the first few mins neither of us could hurt the others tank, it looked to be a stalemate, so I overheated the AC's I began edging the damage but ever so slowly, then the damage I was taking started to creep up, I was engrossed..who would win, at this point 3 things happend, my repper NOS and guns all burnt out lol. silly mistake but meh full credit to Saria he was bang on with his fit, I couldnt break the tank without overheating and couldn't keep the cooker on that long..with no guns and no repper wasnt long till my experiment popped Later that evening I almost made it out for a roam with the Black rebels but got called away just before it started with a small problem... hence the delayed post.