Monday, 2 July 2012


Ok happy people let me explain my post earlier.....
I was at work today reading some blogs, one in particular I enjoy is the brutor bullfighter and the black rebel rifta lot, I was reading also about them in through newb eyes and thought they seem like a cool corp if I decide to get back into some pirate action.
So I took a look at their forums and what they want to let you join, one thing stood out..a recent kill or loss mail and a discription of the fight.
Now other than a couple of idiotic losses lately due to playing afk I didnt have a good kill mail for show and tell, so i decided to travel to heild listed as the black rebels home system and pick a fight...preferably with the bull fighter himself for a fun loss or kill mail.
When I got home I built a custom punisher and flew down to heild..and after asking in local and the rebels local channel for a 1v1 and a small game of chase with a one wanted to fight.
I was determined I would fight someone...after a few moments i found a rifta on scan and asked the guy in local for a 1v1..
To my suprise mane dust accepted, we agreed to warp to a station can flip and I landed on station I found a few canes sitting there so warped out and made a safe, i invited mane to fleet and let him warp to me...he made it past the canes and landed 30km from me.
I locked him up and sped towards him my 150mm autocannon's (yes on a punisher) started chewing up his sheild with fleet emp, it looked a fair fight until we hit armor he could barely scratch my tank and as i switched to my armour shreder's his armour melted like butter.
A few moments later he popped and offered a good fight as did I. In the rest of the convo he mentioned he was new at this... But he dodged canes...he flew his pod out before i could lock..he didnt seem that new?!?
Checking the age of his toon, he was less than a month guess is a new pvp alt. I felt bad as he never really had a chance with those skills. I offered some encouragement and after asking for any other takers for a 1v1 docked for the evening.
The kill mail is Here.
Fly classy