Tuesday, 31 July 2012

A bit of fun.

As I am waiting for vespa to finish a few skills i need for a project I decided to use her to give faction warfare a go...now before I start, vespa is not at present a combat pilot...at all.
Anyway I signed her up with the federation (a decision made by the fact it was the only faction she has any standing with)  and hopped in a t1 fit merlin to try my hand.
I found myself out in loes with our system being plexed by a nasty caldari type...doing a little research I found the pilot was only 2 months old and in a navy hookbill. I knew my skills were shit but had to give it a shot. I warped into the plex and she ran!
I had a little dig in local and started turning the plex back to ours. After a few mins she warped back in...clearly didnt like being called a wuss in local. So my indy pilot took on her faction frig in a t1 fit merlin..it did not end well. I should have kept range better but really vespa just couldnt hit hard enough with t1 rails. I popped . Not to be a sore loser i offered a gf in local and congratulated the pilot on having the balls to come back.
Then I decided fair play was done and switched toons to astral...and discovered something I didnt know, you cant enter a minor plex with a AF. Bollox.
Denied an easy kill..
I spent a bit of time after this playing round with some fits and have come up with one I cant wait to try tonight , originally to kill fw pilots but should be pretty good against most frigs if I pick my fights well.  I will keep you updated.