Monday, 16 July 2012

Of lowsec and faction warfare

A while back..maybe a year or so I and a lot of others were saying lowsec was empty. The mechanics were great but no one but pirates and the odd explorer lived there.
Since I have come back to the game I have spent a lot of my time in lowsec, and I have been seriously impressed with the change, FW seems to have given low a new lease of life,areas are teeming with industrialists and FW pilots exploiting low (in a good way), this has led to great times for piracy and small gangs!
I only really have 1 grumble..The faction warfare sites  make it to easy to run away!  you enter most of these sites through a acceleration gate and the objective is about 60-75 km away giving the pilots doing the site an age to warp out if a member of the opposing milita or a piwate arrives!
My idea to stop this slightly is to introduce a mechanic that when you use a acceleration gate to reach a deadspace pocket it overloads your warp core and has a 5 min countdown before you can warp again.
This wont stop people doing the sites fast but means you are commited when u warp in..and not just the inital pilot any attacker could easily become the victim if reinforcements show up...
Just an idea, what do you think?