Thursday, 27 June 2013

good deed.

Was buying some ships to go hunting explorers the the other day when in local i noticed a player asking for hand outs , normally i ignore these but this one for some reason i looked at.
the player was less than a day old and was asking to borrow 10000 isk as he had spent all his isk on a skill book.
the fact he only asked to borrow a pittance made me remember when i was new and struggling for every scrap, so in a moment of goodness i gave him 5 mill and some advice.
feels good to be nice.

I then proceeded to hunt and harass defenseless explorers in lowsec to nalance the karma :)

Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thoughts on exploraton now

So  I have been playing with the new exploration mechanics for a couple of weeks now and I have a few thoughts to share..

first, the ass has fallen out of the decrypter market,  you are lucky to get a mill a pop now where you would get 3-14 mill before. this will recover in time but the market will never be what it was, I predict with the loss of profit and the novelty wearing off in 3-6 momths it will go back to about 2/3 of what the market values were, at least I hope so or radar and mag sites wont be worth doing again.
combat sites are generlly left by the influx of new explorers in lowsec, they are as a rule unwilling to bring and risk a combat ship so true explorers can still make a living running these and picking up the odd deadspace mod.

I have thought about the expansion a lot and I cant help feeling taking the rats away was a mistake, it makes the sites far to easy to run. I agree with hi-sec sites having no rats  but low and null should force you to up your game a bit.
The solution I would propose is no rats but only low level common decrypters in hi sec, in low sec have a few rats that force you to bring a cruiser or AF, but have a chance of droping rare decrypters. Null sec rats should maybe make you bring a Bc Or HAC but have a good chance at droping rare decrypters.
we need to put some risk and skill back into exploration otherwise it will remain a starter profession that goes nowhere.

Thursday, 13 June 2013

Free Stuffz...

I am the operator of an offical Eve online fan site, and have been for quite a while. I joined the fan site program as it lists you on the eve site with a link hoping to get mere people looking at the blog when I first started it, however it has some perks.. like free stuff now and again. Now I could hoard this stuffz and keep it all to myself...however that seems unfair- ish. So Im going to give some away and sell some cheep :) first to give away will be
The Quafe men's and woman's T-shirts from fan fest!! these will be FREE to anyone IF you follow this blog and give me the best reason to give them to you in the comments. Second will be a Quafe dropsuit for dust 514.. this comes in voucher format so I can't post a pic but I will email this (ingame) again to anyone following the blog who leaves the best reason why they want it in the comments. ( I don't have a Playstation so its useless to me) Lastly, I got a nice frigate...a Tipan to be exact. This im going to sell, HOWEVER if it is too one of my blog readers I will let it go cheep like the budgie. here is the current cost in Jita
as you can see the cheepest is 517 mill, the most expensive is 1.5 bill. If one of my Readers would like it, 320 mill. first come first served. If not will sell it in Jita to one off the 400 mill buy orders. All Items will be contracted over in Dodixie for collection. giveaways winners and there reasons will be poasted next wednesday other fansite owners are not got your own stuffz.

Saturday, 8 June 2013

New Feature.

As I am finding a butt load of BPC's that Im not to sure what to do with, I have decided to sell them via some in blog advertising, each week i will put out a post of what is currently up for sale, alternatively, just check the site its on the right. Gimme a shout if you interested All BPC's and BPO's will be delivered to Dodixie for collection once a agreement has been made. Please email any offers ingame. All sensible offers accepted. 1- Large Signal focusing Kit II COPY - 2 runs 1- Large Hybrid Metastasis Adjuster II COPY- 2 runs 1-Large Semi Conductor Memory Cell II COPY- 2 runs 1- Small Drone Scope chip II COPY - 2 runs 1- Reactive Armour Hardner COPY- 10 runs 2- Incognito Data Interface COPY- 10 runs 1- Incognito Tuner Data Interface COPY - 10 runs

Friday, 7 June 2013

exploration tips

Just sharing a few bits of info I have picked up over the last few days.

1- you can fit a cargo scanner to scan the cans in data and relic sites now and see if they have anything of high value in, it helps you know what to grab when the cans pop out.

2- a site neural-boost posted this handy loot guide to help u know which cans to grab once you have scanned..
 Data Site
  * Data Minicontainer:
  * Blueprint Copies
  * Modules (Reactive Armor Hardener, Ancillary Armor Repairer, Ancillary Shield Booster, Large Micro Jump Drive, Target Spectrum Breakers)
  * T2 Rigs
  * Data Interfaces (including Ship Data Interfaces)
  * Faction Starbase Structures
  * Skill Books (Encryption Methods skills)
  * Data Sheets
  * Equipment Minicontainer:
  * Hydrogen Batteries
  * Material Minicontainer:
  * Carbon
  * "Pirate Faction Alloys" (everything that uses the icon of for example Positron Cords and is under market group Materials & Research > Components > Research and Invention > Prototypes and Decryptors > [any pirate faction] Materials)
  * Parts Minicontainer:
  * Decryptors
  * Datacores
  * Electronic Parts
  * Scraps Minicontainer:
  * Metal Scraps
Suggested Loot Order: Parts > Data >>> Rest (if you scanned the profession container's contents first and saw a valuable blueprint, you should prefer data minicontainers over anything of course)
 Relic Site
  * Data Minicontainer:
  * Blueprint Copiies
  * Faction Starbase Structures
  * Spatial Attunement Unit (new item, used for manufacturing of the new T2 scanning upgrades modules)
  * Skill Books (Encryption Methods and Rig skills)
  * Data Sheets
  * Equipment Minicontainer:
  * Hydrogen Batteries
  * Material Minicontainer:
  * Salvage (T1 and T2)
  * Carbon
  * Parts Minicontainer
  * Salvage (T1 and T2)
  * Electronic Parts
  * Scraps Minicontainer:
  * Metal Scraps
Suggested Loot Order: Parts = Material > Data >>> Rest (if you scanned the profession container's contents first and saw a valuable blueprint, you should prefer data minicontainers over anything of course)

will post more on this subject later.

Thursday, 6 June 2013

new layout.

My blog has had a mini makeover, as I am finding renewed interest in eve and blogging I thought id tidy the site a bit...let me know any thoughts :) /astral

Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Early thoughts

Odessey is live today, and seems to be working well, I understand some people are having trouble with seeing the new racial skills, but seems ok to me.
The new UI and graphics look good but arnt really game changing,  the new gate jump animation is a little distracting but looks better.
Tonight I ran about 30-40 systems scanningfor sigs and found a few dozen combat sites but they wernt the object of tonights ..roam I spose.
The explorers must have been out in force as almost every system had been harvested but I did find 3 radar and mag sorry 3 data and a relic sites....I found the new probe mechanics much easier tbh.  Running the sites themselves is now a doddle as there are no rats ( still a few pirates to avoid in lowsec however), the mini game is simple enough.. bit like minesweeper, in general I find the master node to unlock the can is on the far side on a perimiter node..or the next row in. The loot from the radars wasnt bad, about 22 mill each the mag site wasnt worth a mill.
I think the next week or two will see a lot of would be explorers try the new mechanics out before getting bored and heading back to missions or pvp..until then pickings then pickings will be slim.
For those interested I was using a cov-ops set up with t1 codebreaker an analyser or what ever they are called now and for scanning a t1 expanded probe launcher with 8 sisters core probes...Didnt have any trouble scanning although I did lose 1 data can and 1 relic can  that may have been avoided with T2 modules.

Also.. a fun game for the pvp players...scan down a radar site then park a cloaked pvp ship in ensues...just saying ;)

Monday, 3 June 2013

musing 3

It seems when doing pve in lowsec some people think it is a good idea to try to omni tank and fit "some" pvp mods just in case....this is wrong. fit pve for pve, if you get in a fight your dead eitherway, only way to match a pvp ship, at pvp, is with a pvp setup. dont gimp your fits.