Thursday, 13 June 2013

Free Stuffz...

I am the operator of an offical Eve online fan site, and have been for quite a while. I joined the fan site program as it lists you on the eve site with a link hoping to get mere people looking at the blog when I first started it, however it has some perks.. like free stuff now and again. Now I could hoard this stuffz and keep it all to myself...however that seems unfair- ish. So Im going to give some away and sell some cheep :) first to give away will be
The Quafe men's and woman's T-shirts from fan fest!! these will be FREE to anyone IF you follow this blog and give me the best reason to give them to you in the comments. Second will be a Quafe dropsuit for dust 514.. this comes in voucher format so I can't post a pic but I will email this (ingame) again to anyone following the blog who leaves the best reason why they want it in the comments. ( I don't have a Playstation so its useless to me) Lastly, I got a nice frigate...a Tipan to be exact. This im going to sell, HOWEVER if it is too one of my blog readers I will let it go cheep like the budgie. here is the current cost in Jita
as you can see the cheepest is 517 mill, the most expensive is 1.5 bill. If one of my Readers would like it, 320 mill. first come first served. If not will sell it in Jita to one off the 400 mill buy orders. All Items will be contracted over in Dodixie for collection. giveaways winners and there reasons will be poasted next wednesday other fansite owners are not got your own stuffz.