Tuesday, 4 June 2013

Early thoughts

Odessey is live today, and seems to be working well, I understand some people are having trouble with seeing the new racial skills, but seems ok to me.
The new UI and graphics look good but arnt really game changing,  the new gate jump animation is a little distracting but looks better.
Tonight I ran about 30-40 systems scanningfor sigs and found a few dozen combat sites but they wernt the object of tonights ..roam I spose.
The explorers must have been out in force as almost every system had been harvested but I did find 3 radar and mag site...er sorry 3 data and a relic sites....I found the new probe mechanics much easier tbh.  Running the sites themselves is now a doddle as there are no rats ( still a few pirates to avoid in lowsec however), the mini game is simple enough.. bit like minesweeper, in general I find the master node to unlock the can is on the far side on a perimiter node..or the next row in. The loot from the radars wasnt bad, about 22 mill each the mag site wasnt worth a mill.
I think the next week or two will see a lot of would be explorers try the new mechanics out before getting bored and heading back to missions or pvp..until then pickings then pickings will be slim.
For those interested I was using a cov-ops set up with t1 codebreaker an analyser or what ever they are called now and for scanning a t1 expanded probe launcher with 8 sisters core probes...Didnt have any trouble scanning although I did lose 1 data can and 1 relic can  that may have been avoided with T2 modules.

Also.. a fun game for the pvp players...scan down a radar site then park a cloaked pvp ship in there..fun ensues...just saying ;)