Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Thoughts on exploraton now

So  I have been playing with the new exploration mechanics for a couple of weeks now and I have a few thoughts to share..

first, the ass has fallen out of the decrypter market,  you are lucky to get a mill a pop now where you would get 3-14 mill before. this will recover in time but the market will never be what it was, I predict with the loss of profit and the novelty wearing off in 3-6 momths it will go back to about 2/3 of what the market values were, at least I hope so or radar and mag sites wont be worth doing again.
combat sites are generlly left by the influx of new explorers in lowsec, they are as a rule unwilling to bring and risk a combat ship so true explorers can still make a living running these and picking up the odd deadspace mod.

I have thought about the expansion a lot and I cant help feeling taking the rats away was a mistake, it makes the sites far to easy to run. I agree with hi-sec sites having no rats  but low and null should force you to up your game a bit.
The solution I would propose is no rats but only low level common decrypters in hi sec, in low sec have a few rats that force you to bring a cruiser or AF, but have a chance of droping rare decrypters. Null sec rats should maybe make you bring a Bc Or HAC but have a good chance at droping rare decrypters.
we need to put some risk and skill back into exploration otherwise it will remain a starter profession that goes nowhere.