Saturday, 8 June 2013

New Feature.

As I am finding a butt load of BPC's that Im not to sure what to do with, I have decided to sell them via some in blog advertising, each week i will put out a post of what is currently up for sale, alternatively, just check the site its on the right. Gimme a shout if you interested All BPC's and BPO's will be delivered to Dodixie for collection once a agreement has been made. Please email any offers ingame. All sensible offers accepted. 1- Large Signal focusing Kit II COPY - 2 runs 1- Large Hybrid Metastasis Adjuster II COPY- 2 runs 1-Large Semi Conductor Memory Cell II COPY- 2 runs 1- Small Drone Scope chip II COPY - 2 runs 1- Reactive Armour Hardner COPY- 10 runs 2- Incognito Data Interface COPY- 10 runs 1- Incognito Tuner Data Interface COPY - 10 runs