Sunday, 8 June 2014

The state of lowsec.

I have been reasonably active since the patch, and feel confident saying now, lowsec has changed, the meta has shifted.
Since patch day I have lost a lot of expensive ships, I undocked on patch day and took a comet out to the belts in Isho (our home system), only to be jumped by 4 ships 20 seconds later..every one and their brother are either in the belts looking for the elusive mordu rats or trying to kill the people that are.

Activity in General is way up in lowsec, and I'm not sure it's in a good way, gate camps are very prevalent at the moment with most entry points camped to hell, there seems to be a lot more roaming cruiser   gangs, normally 5-10 ships, and the meek FW farming population is in hiding while the number of pvp pilots flying faction linked boosted ships has gone up.

This isn't a bad thing at all, and it may settle in a few weeks but at the moment lowsec is deadly. And anyone even thinking of ratting in low, bring your A game.
The bad news is for my play style, solo unlinked fighting, it is very hard to find a fight at the moment that your not going to get blobbed or lose to some linked asshole.

Think I may concentrate on Vespa for a few days until the dust settles and then see how to adapt to the new more popular lowsec.


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