Wednesday, 31 March 2010

another milestone..

Today i hit a milestone I have been looking forward to for some time, in about 30 mins I will have completed mechanic V (I took my time getting to it i know) which means I finally have all the skills needed for an assult frigate!!!
Two days ago I asked a freind of mine (Reltso Yand of Btek corp - great guy and corp) to build me a Retribution assalt frig, I went with that over the vengance as to be honesst my missile skills suck ass, but I cant make my mind up if i should fit it with T2 beams or T2 autocannons? I plan on using it manly for pvp, i may also do some ratting if i run out of live people to shoot at.
As i havent made my mind up on fittings I am training small projectiles to V now so I should have everything in place in about 5 days when my frig turns up (I hope).
Also i have now passed the 4.5 million skill point mark, I am starting to feel like I know what im doing with sub capital ammar ships, i still have a fair bit to learn about battle ships but I get the nuances for these ships now more than ever.