Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Total horse crap!!

ok i just need to write this post after reading a post bt Tobold on non consetual PVP in MMO's...please find his original post it here tobolds blog

He is basicly saying non consentual PVP is unfair because people will only start a fight they thing they can win, and because of they way the toons develop skills over time it, its all mis-matched..

now I like tobolds blog mostly , but i have to disagree here..

If I were on a low sec roam, I see a nice ship to kill, say a rifter..I think I can take that. depends on fittings for a start, I have lost battle cruisers to figates with the wrong fittings..
next I look how long he has been playing..only 2 months but he is in a corp I have heard of..

ALARM BELL there is 12 people in local but only 5 on scanner...i would guess he is a bait ship and if and when i attack several shoips will decloak and do unspeakable things to me..

The fact is in eve the hunter can very quickly become the hunted, you may see what looks like an easy target but attacking ANYONE is a huge risk!! (even 1 day old pilots in a starter boat can have corp mates close)
further to that due to the harsh nature of the death system in eve and there actually being consequenses when you go pop, what some people will see as the more expirenced player picking on a new or less well eqiped player is infact a calculated risk that has paid off..that time.

What im trying to say isnt that the skill of PVP isnt hitting the right buttons in the right order, mr tobold as it is in WoW, the skill is in reading the situations and picking your targets and being aware of what is happening around you...and that is a level playing field, time and expirience come in to it but only to a degree. Eve is a thinking mans game.

On a totally unrelated topic.. I paid for my covet ops ship last night..13 mill for those wondering.. a saving of 5 mill over the best current market price. thanks go to my corp mate Astral fox for building the beast for me...not long till i have the skills to fly it. and as a result of paying for it..I am again skint.