Wednesday, 17 February 2010

A change of plan..

I said in my last post how i was suffering from the " i wanna bigger ship" syndrome, and i had intended to skill for the next month or two to ensure i could fit a battleship so that I could take part in fleet battles should the need arise..however as ith most plans this has been altered before it begins..

Due to a restucture and some changes in the corp, it will become nessasery for me to do some running about picking things up in low sec, I am also gonna need a ship capable of getting me to null very soon with out getting ganked as soon as I jump out of empire!
As a result I have had to start skilling for covert op's ships, normally im not into all the cloak and dagger more a brute force and ignorance kinda guy..but having read up on it a little bit, im really looking forward to it, I am only 28 days from being able to fly one seriously, 13 to get frig to V, 7 for electronic to V and 8 for cloak to IV, so wont be long and too of them i was planning on getting soon anyway so i can venture into assault ships..

I find the Idea of being able to evade gate ganks (if im fast enough) and scout systems very cool. im a little confused by all the different probes and crap that goes with it for scouting but i dont need that straight away..i need a ship that will keep me safe, and i find with most aspects of the game, they fall into place once you play with it a bit.

bring on the cloaky goodness...