Wednesday, 10 February 2010

That be a pirate it do...

Ok so i had a very fun night last night...although not good for my finances.
i have been saying for a while i wanted to start learning to pvp and last night the chance came my way.
I logged on about 7ish to find none of my corp online, after deciding id stick about i thought id continue with the federal navy misssions i have been running, as i set off, my newb mate logged on, told me since since i introduced him to eve the day before he had been playing solid...he had now been awke over 30 hours...
I asked where he was and he was about 12 jumps out,but was coming to join me in fleet, as i give him all the loot (I like the bounties more). anyway while he was on his way I decided to run a mission solo, it was in system, so i warped to destination and started killing rats..

Now before i continue, so this makes more sense i was flying a:
6x T2 medium beams with navy multi ammo
AB, Tracking computer and 2x Cap rechargers in the mids
and a 1600 plate, DCII, best named reppper, and best named thermic kenetic and explosive hardners in the low slots...

I dont know if thats considered a good or fail fit, but it worked well for PvE. killing rats, i have about 5 frigs and a cruiser warps a pirate..he was called wrexx i think, in a punisher. and he starts going for the loot hoping id open fire..

i thought about it for about 10 in a bigger ship..I have spare insured...I could afford to replace the in a bigger ship...

As he hit my optimal range I opened up with the meduim lasers and and sent my drones at him, his sheild's vaporised and his armor was peeling off at a nice rate, I began to get excited...

In my excitement i didnt spot, he want shooting me he was killing my drones, first point learned, if your gonna use drones in pvp, dont send them in and ignore them, all of my warrior drones were gone in about 45 seconds.
During this time he had used his speed to get to about 3-4 k, his optimal, and well under my 13k, he didnt have my sheilds to contend with as they had gone fighting the rat's.. my armor slowly started to peel, and with no drones harassing him and being under my guns, his repper quickly undid all my hard work.. the big problem i faced was i could either use AB to try to get the range back OR my repper, using both with all guns firing my cap would be gone in a matter of mins.. learning point two, make sure you are cap stable defensively..
I went with the option of using the repper and trying to fight him at his own took quite a while but he did gain the upper hand, my damge at that range couldnt out do his repper and i was losing cap and armor slowly. At 1/4 armor he decided to chat and tried to ransom me for 20 mill, I had to decline as i didnt quite have that to pay , and to be honest i dont trus ransoms. as the ship popped i was already aligned and locked on to a nearby station and entered warp, a minor victory but i saved the implants...

Was i angry about the incident ..Hell no!, it was fun. i learned a lot, , got chating to the guy via eve mail afterwards and thanked him for a good fight. I entered into combat of my own free will hoping id win but knowing there was a good chance id lose my ship, but i did it for 3 reasons.. 1 fun, 2 to learn and 3 i could aford to if the insurance paid out. i didnt begrude wrex his win, he was a skilled pvp pireate and it was fun learning from him. i would actually say we became quite freindly after the event. he told me he was using a autocanon set up which was recomended to me by another good pirate ( mail lite-THE BEGININGS OF PIRACY go read his blog its good.)

After collecting a Replacement ship and fitting it i returned to the mission site once again with my newb freind, and finished the mission, as i was finishing i got another email from Wrexx, jokingly saying he had scanned me down again but as I was a nice bloke he was gonna leave me be lol (i would have agressed again anyway but)..and continued with my missions.

The rest of the night was fairly routine other than my newb freind getting his ship blown up by concord, as i was teaching him about drones and manouvering and guarding i locked on to him, he thought he was being attacked by a pirate and opened fire on sheilds almost got scratched..concord arrived and blew him away in seconds...tough leason for him but he is learning, i then gave him 1.3 mill to replcace his destroyer and the mods to take the sting outta losing his new baby.

Have fun!