Monday, 22 February 2010

tyranis and stuff...

I guess you have all heard by now about the new update due this summer for eve..after reading the description i have to say it doesnt stun me...the corrections to lag they should be doing anyway..thats not an expansion. as for the building citys on worlds..i have a gut feeling this is going to be costly..the rewards will be great but i think it will wind up being more of a "as a corp" thing than for each pilot, but hay i may be wrong.
The bit i am looking forward to is accessing my Eve mail through a browser and alike the calender ect.. im really hoping this is going to be jumped on by Roc and the developers of capsuleer to make the iphone app even better than it is now, as they have said they will be opening up access through the API.
But even with this nice little feature it doesnt seem much of an expansion, perhaps in the lead up they will anounce some extra features like new epic arcs or T3 frigate's.

In local finding myself faced with an odd problem..with my some what limited playtime do i focus on money or standings?? at the moment i can get average lvl 2 missions with federal navy, but my standings are rising quickly, however i seem to spend two thirds of my time waining about to run a level 4 in fleet, while the rewards are bigger normally i seem to spend so long waiting for everyone else to arrive or get the right ship with the right fit that i only get 1 or 2 missions done befor ui have to log of and play with the wife.. if i were to ignore the fleets and solo lvl 2's i can run through them like butter and would probably be soloing lvl 3's within a week making about the same i cutting my own throat being social?

On another subject i made a down payment on the covert ops ship the corps building me last night, have paid 10 mill will pay the rest when the final build cost is worked out. cant wait to take that beast for a tour of low sec..
I also purchased the long over due armor rigging skill (im training lvl 3 as i write this) and should be able to fit t2 armor rigs in 4 days. im hoping to purchace another harby before then and fit it with a passive tank of..

T2 kenetic rig
T2 thermal rig
T2 EM rig

Then in the low all 4 T2 hardners a T2 repper and a 800mm plate ?

Im hoping this will be enough to tank lvl 4 missions if i need to take the aggro but would welcome any advice from anyone that has expirence with armor tanks, specificly with harbingers?

Lastly id like to ask a favour..if yyou read this blog from time to time, add your self to the follow >>>> on the side bar, it helps me see who if anyone reads my rants and makes me feel loved!