Monday, 8 February 2010

The results and a result :)

Well the final marks are in for Crazy kinux's why we love eve, im sad to say i didnt win a prize , but its ok because some really good articles did win. if youd like to see the winners and read them if you havent already please follow this link:
congrats to the bloggers that did win, they did write some very entertaining articles.

On to the next subject.. I spent the bulk of sunday messing about on eve (much to the annoyance of the wife) for the most part just grinding federal navy standings and blowing the money on mods and ammo but about 7 ish i had a treat, i had been talking to a friend of mine that plays the football MMO, managerzone (, which i used to play fairly regularly, he was trying to convince me to start playing it again, and i started explaining i was more into eve at the moment and convinced him to give it a go, so after the lengthy download, last night he came on for a few hours and was i think blown away at how massive eve really is.

After half hour playing the tutorials on his own I thought id roll over and do some of the missions with him to see how he was getting on, and needless to say, he found them extremly easy with a T2 fit battle cruiser in fleet. we started chatting and I have introduced him to Bright star corp as an option to join if he wants, i also gave him a little start up capital to get the ball rolling, only 1.5 mill but to a new pilot thats a lot.

What really ammazed me was his questions, it took me back to when i started a few months ago at the bottom of that huge learning curve and made me realize just how much i have learned so fast, and i have tried to eqip him with the knowlage he needs to become a good pilot in time.

On a side note, while sitting out side one of the starting stations i noticed a can stationed right outside the entrance, the can had been named "you" and a sad little pirate floating about 20k away in BC waiting to pounce on any newb stupid enough to open the can. any new plaayers reading this, watch out for these types of tricks they are really dumb and will get you killed quick. and to any pirate reading this, thats a bloody cheap kill, at least go to low sec to try this with people that might give you a decent fight.
I did talk to the pirate quickly in local to see if anyone fell for it, no one had. He then asked if i was up for some 1v1, I would have obliged if I hadnt been running missions with a freind, I asked him to try me another night and id give him a fight in frig's, i will only fight in frigs as if he suddenly has a few freinds decloak or wins it doesnt really matter if I lose a frigate, and to be honest if it was a straight fight would be good expirence for me win or lose.