Thursday, 11 February 2010


Ok so i was re reading some of the items in google reader today and i couldnt help reading a recent post by tobold (tobolds blog) about eve players making on average $2 an hour real money if you convert the average isk gain per hour by a mature pilot, got me thinking..i want a pay rise. but then i supose i have already given myself one in a way, as most of the exploits i get up to on Eve i write about here, and one of the nice side effects of running a blog is they can generate money, not much at the moment to be honest but its still a payrise and may grow as the blog becomes more popular.
I also found the chart he links to -
Chart of relative ship cost blog
very interesting , i agree with the cost relation to most of the ships on this chart, what i think it neglects is the time and effort to reach some of them, its not just the cost of the hull and the mod's you need to take into account, to be honest you could in my opinion never go above a battle cruiser size ship in eve and still never do all there was to do , support fleets PVP, and PVE wise, so it think all ships above that need to have the time and money facored in to their value to even fly the ship. if for example i wanted to pilot a carrier, its not just the cost of the hull and the mods i need to scrape together, its the weeks or months of training time, and the cost of the skill books before i can get behind the controls.

just my opinion but i think some of these ships represent a much bigger investment, and am still in shock about the RL cost of a titan..over $7000..and you willing have this in an enviroment where it will be shot at!!
some pilots in eve have ...