Monday, 15 February 2010

I wanna bigger ship syndrome..

As i write this post i am almost fully proficiant at flying a ammar battle the sense i have almost all the skills used to pilot and tank one to level V, there are a few skills that need to come up another levl before im done, but i can now field a fully tech 2 fit battle cruiser :D

But as is tradition before i really enjoyed the fruits of my labor or done all the wonderful things i was going to do in my awsome (in my eyes) battle cruiser, i want a bigger toy..a Apoc battle ship to be exact.

the trouble im finding with the battle criser is with an armor tank as opposed to sheild I am still having to warp out and warp back running lvl 4 missions if i get a few battleships target caldari corp mates dont seem to have this problem. even using mission specific hardners and a T2 repper i cant tank the same DPS as a drake... if anyone one out there has expirence in ammar ships and knows where im going wrong please do set me on the right path.

so im now thinking i need to get a battle ship ant the apocolypse looks my sort of beast.. but sticking to my own rules i wont fly it before i can fit it properly, i can already fit a proper T2 tank and have the req battleship skill but have only large lasers to lvl 1, so thats gonna be the long train, over a month just to get the T1 varient to lvl 5 then same again to T2!!
Will be worth it in the long run tho, As if i decide to get into fleet PVP in the future a T2 fit battleship is as i understand ship of the line, it will also allow me i hope to solo lvl 4s when i have the standings for them with relative ease, also and this is my big point ...they look cool!!

On aside note two of our more expirenced corp members decided to start their own corp last night and go it alone.. both have taught me a lot about the game and i hope to remain great freinds with both in the future, so Noah and Sam, good luck guys i hope your new corp does as well as you hope, you will be missed!