Friday, 5 February 2010

yippe T2 Guns!!!!

This week i have been a little tied up with RL wich has stopped me logging any serious time on eve, i managed to get on and change skills and play about a bit but nothing like as much as id like to be doing. last night i finally got to take out my harby with shiny new T2 mediums fitted, and boy did they make a difference, the medium beams were hitting much harder than the heavy T1 beams i had fitted and i was taking down serp battleships in just a few vollys, which was a big improvement for me!! also i mangaed to squeeze anonther drone skill in so i now have 4 scout drones out , which can pack a fair punch, or at least counter any repping.
im starting to feel like my battle cruiser skills are getting near to where they should be, i still have to warp out when im running level 4s if to many start lighting me up but i can take a fair beating before it gets urgent.
I have decided for the next month or so to get my core skills to where they should have been if i wasnt so eager to jump in to a bigger better ship and get all the learning skills to V most of it is needed for the command ships anyway but they always seemed to take to long instead of an instant boost before now.
i think i am starting to grow as a eve player, im not looking at skills to get me in to the next ship imidiatly im looking at what will cut training time and serve me well in the future, from now on, if i buy a new ship im gonna make sure i can T2 fit it before i consider taking it out the hanger.

also i logged in to crazy kinux blogg this morning on the off chance the results would be up for his contest, because of the volume of entrys he has delayed anouncing the winners till after the weekend, not that im assuming id be among them, but if your in it you got a chance,and with 10 prizes and 56 entries my odds are slightly better than 6-1.
decided during one of my more compationate moments if i were to win id buy 2 time codes and give the rest to the relif effort in Hati, but thats getting all ahead of myself, the only reasomn i mention it is so id be obliged to follow through in the unlikely event.

oh well back to work i guess, have fun!