Wednesday, 27 November 2013

better maps..

Ok so it's not a big thing but it pisses me off, the map system in eve is clunky inefficiant and CLUTTERED! seriously the galaxy star map is useful for some things but shows very little info, I defy you to use that only when planing roams or jumps and not look at dotlan...

So why is it dotlan a third party site (and an excellent one at that) can display regions in easy to read ways that are chock full of informationy goodness, yet the "official" in game maps suck ass? Why and we have the option to see the star map in 2d similar to dotlan but with the options to drill down through the data or have scrolling information or some other fancy display?

Wouldn't be a game changer but would make life a lot easier, just because the option of a decent map is available out of game doesn't mean it shouldn't be put in the game, does it? Crack on ccp..