Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Lowsec ideas

A little while ago spectre of eve newb, posted a interesting blog on a
revamp of low sec, it got me of the ideas he sugested was reducing the GCC, and at the time I completly agreed, it is dull and boring having to wait out the GCC before going near a station or gate and 15 mins of it is appaling.
So after some careful thinking here is my idea.. when you attract GCC, you are agressed by gate guns and station guns for 5 mins..a suitable time, HOWEVER When you agress your ship is "tagged" as a fellon and you are unable to dock for 15 mins and you are findable on dscan for 10 mins. thiswould mean you cant sod off to a safe spot if you pick of a scout or bait, you gotta geep movig or take on the back up too.

it would also kill station games as once ou agress, you cannot dock for 15 mins, gates yes, stations no.

This could provide a whole new dynamic to eve small scale fleets, the consequense of agression would be much more intense and a lot less dull. instead of us pirates waiting out GCC at a safe looking for scan probes , we either have to take on any back up that arrives within 10 mins or run. it also give the carebears and alike a chance to get even.

I also loved the idea of pirate and law bringer specific stations and LP stores ( see spectres blog), it could add an extra incentive to move to lowsec. Some exculsive pirate and bounty hunter ships would be very cool to