Wednesday, 21 July 2010

Vespa's world (in charecter)

Vespa was sitting in the hanger going through the production reports for the week; production on rifter’s and punishers was better than she had expected. A small light began flickering on her console, she flipped to the com Channel open and was greeted with the glare of the harsh looking amarr face.
“yes astral?”
“How is the production going? I’m going to need to “borrow” some of the profits for a new harbinger”
“I will be bringing the stock to Auner soon, multiple frigate’s and a few items I noticed went for sale anywhere those 200mm plates your so fond of using.”
“well done, I knew there was a reason I bought you. Add my normal mark up, make the low life’s pay well, unless they are friend’s of mine.”
“Is there anything else you need?
“rum is always needed!, and I want some thing to do, bring me some exotic dancers as well”
The screen went blank, he never bothered with hello or goodbye.

Vespa still had mixed feeling’s towards Astral, he had bought her some years ago and intended to keep her in his “personal” service, however he had seen potential in her and sponsored her to become a capsuleer, he was the very thing she hated, yet had given her freedom, now days he was her employer and mentor in many ways but left her to her self, as long as she kept him in ships and rum.

“Fit the Hauler for lowsec, cant keep the pirates waiting!”


Dont be to harsh it's my first attempt :)