Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Indy nonsense

It's been quiet on the pew pew front so far this week, Due to some real life issues my playtime has been reduced to an hour or so here and there. However this is profiting me in other ways, as when i am logging on this week it tends to be in vespa my indy alt, she has started trading properly now and is working to get some goods on the market in and around our lowsec home that people need regularly (ammo, ships ect) at a small mark up but saves them hauling the stuff to lowsec with there own alts..sort of a convinence store lol.
She is also starting to manufacture properly, only on low level BPO's like rifters, punishers ect but I have built myself spredsheets (while bored at work) to calculate my trading endevours and track profit and to predict manufacture costs against sale revenue ect, as a result this rum soaked pirate may become solvant in the coming weeks. i am pouring about 30 mil into my project and seeing if i can make it "grOW" .
If anyone knows of a reputable person to research some BPO's for me could they let me know, I could do it myself but it would take forever (assuming i can find a slot in high sec) so am thinking if the price isnt to steep I will just pay to have them researched.

As a final note i have decided to train vespa to fly an orca, to help with corp mining ops and as a large scale hauler (if im careful...and I am..normally). The additonal benifit of all this to Astral is if i improve the market around our home, we may attract more shoppers to the system, which means more kills for astral and the Black rabbits.

be careful where you shop.