Monday, 19 July 2010

roams and a frig tourney

Hello readers, I promised some action for the next blog and boy did I get some over the weekend, some good moments, some bad and some where I showed I’m still a giant noob.
The weekend started in excellent form with me hanging around auner (our home) waiting for a roam to go out, while I was there I started scanning looking more for anything that may want to kill me than anything else and I found a ship…a probe.. at a cluster, I asked in corp chat if anyone was out in a probe, no one was. Now at the cluster there was 1 planet 1 belt and 1 custom office…I took a guess and warped to the belt …nothing …custom office…nothing…he cant be that silly… him lol! I locked webbed and scrammed him in seconds and he quickly melted. Being a small ship I didn’t even thing to ransom although a chat window appeared as he popped and he said he was going to make me an offer ..oops. also as the chat window appeared as he popped it gave him enough time to get his pod out…now I had already heated my guns web and scram for the pod…I had a quick chat with him realised I could have made a few mill more from him and turned to his wreck which for some reason evaporated….i had not turned my guns off when I clicked on it and popped the wreck… dumb ass mistake of the weekend 1, but also my first SOLO kill. Kill mail here

After that little buzz I took my harbinger out in a large fleet with Gigalmesh1980 (our leader and all round good egg) we had about 10 battleships with us 6 battle cruisers and a few cruisers and desroyers…surprisingly most of the roam, no one wanted to fight. We did however find a few faction warfare bods on a gate in Dal, props to them they decided to take us on in navy comets, we did however decimate them. I got on two of the kill mails
here and here. I logged off shortly after as I needed some sleep.

Next log on was Sunday, The day of the rabbits frigate tournament, the rules were simple, T1 ships and mods, named were fine, faction ammo was fine. It promised to be a lot of fun. I started my day in vespa doing a lot of runs to rens and hek shopping for T1 mods for everyone (also managed to make a few isk and bought a load of crap to sell in auner and a fully fitted magnate for cloaky probing) on the way back from one of the runs I herd Gig was taking out another BC fleet so I quickly logged in astral and joined him, the fleet was un eventful we didn’t catch the fleet we were after, so on the way back I got complacent…align to gate- warp- jump- hold cloak- align to gate ect, however Gig stopped at a high sec gate on the way back, I wasn’t paying attention and jumped through held cloak realised what id done, attempted to burn back to gate..sodding concord. Harbinger loss here (and I know don’t use beams for PVP, I had the pulses in hek I just hadn’t moved them out yet.)
Dumb ass mistake number 2.
Next I resumed my shopping for 1 last mod , 1 jump away in high sec..I don’t need to log into vespa do I ?
Concord don’t shoot at pods, so the wont shoot a rookie ship will they ?
Wrong , the most certainly will…kill mailhere, my final dumb ass mistake.

An hour or two later the tournament was about to kick off, 20 of us turned up for it, in all manner of ships. Personally I brought a punisher fitted with 3 150mm scout auto cannons, a web and AB, and in the lows a repper 200mm plate gyro and DC, all named. I also had 3 trimark rigs on, I was slow but designed as a rifter killer as I knew several people were bringing rifters.

On arrival at the safe a can was placed as a starting spot , Jarek who was running the event would call two names picked by a random number generator to orbit the can att 10k and then 3-2-1-go till 1 popped or 5 mins passed at which point Cebit would pop which ever frigate had the lowest armour with his hurricane.
The fist few match’s were awesome to watch some people going with kiting caldari ships , one with no guns just all ECM lol. During the match’s the spectators were betting on the outcome, bets ranged from a few mill to about 20 mill (I made 1 bet of 5 mill and won)

My first match was against Gensi Five, a good pilot, thankfully he was in a rifter, he tore my shields apart as fast as I killed his, however he was insta webbed and NOS ed and my repper and trimarks gave me the edge, he died quite fast once his shield went, giving me my second solo kill, kill mail here
My second fight was against a kiting Merlin, he was just to fast and kept out of my range while raining missiles on me, he had just about broke my tank when the 5 mins were up and cebit flew in to finish the job my loss mail here, in the end Otto, one of our best pilots won overall taking the prize, and Sidar took the side prize for the academy member with low SP who got furthest.
It was GF’s all round and after we all popped Ottos winning fit with rookie ships lol, but this weekend I learned a LOT and had a blast!!