Thursday, 1 July 2010

-1.44 and dropping..

Last night I managed to take my horrible sec status in to the minus figures! I loggind in with astral last night as the wife had a headache and I could focus on what I was doing, to begin with very little was going on, a few Black Rabbit academy members were ratting or hunting around our home system a few were moving crap about, but most were reluctant to get a roam together due to the problems with the last patch.
I decided to undock and go looking for a fight but for the first 2 hours I was chasing shadows. The closest I got to combat was another member called for some assistance to pop a BS rat, a few of us warped in to help my rifter landed the final hit and got me the 500k bounty, I was amused.
After deciding nothing was going to happen I logged into Vespa and started running more missions in the hope of getting her standings up for my data core project, I had barely completed 1 mission when I heard things were getting interesting in lowsec via team speak, I quickly logged back into astral and got into space, there were several nuets in system, most docked and apparently I had just missed a fight!
I warped out to one of my safes and started scanning, I heard the call go out we were about to light a cyno to bring in some logistics at the station, so I warped back to see if I could help, as I landed I saw one of my corp mates had pointed a mini frig about a few km out, I started to burn toward him but he popped just as I got in range…I did however manage to point his pod, and pop it kill here ( I couldn’t ransom him as the station guns were about to shoot) then warped off to a safe to let my GCC cool down.
I am now the proud owner of a -1.44 sec status..i’m getting there.
After my GCC had cooled off I warped back and found his ship still there with some loot onboard and my real prize his frozen corpse…I plan to collect these and then drop loads outside our station the day I graduate the academy lol. I did feel a little sorry for him, he was only 24 days old, but hey you gotta learn!

Happy pirating.