Friday, 9 July 2010

fleet fun.

Last night was quite a eve intensive night for me, I logged on a little before 17:30 eve time, Just in time to see their was a large operation being put together by the alliance ( I had some how missed that thread on the forums). They were asking for big DPS battle cruisers and tackle frigates, after a chat about fittings I modified my harbinger “gate rape” to head out, we left system at 1800. the fleet of some 25 ships made its way down to the staging area, along the way we were pestered by a vagabond that wanted to play, he would follow us through the gate, we would shoot him..he would run away. We didn’t bother chasing him as he wasn’t our objective. The fleet moved smoothly to the staging station..then we hit a road bump. Operation cancelled.

Now being a pirate corp our leader jarek did what any good pirate would do with a fleet of that size. .. he made some alterations and we headed out to kill as many people as possible. I was asked to re-ship into a frigate and head out as one of the scouts, not my favourite job, but a crucial one. I headed of in the direction ordered as did the other scouts nd spent the rest of the evening as either a scout rear guard or bait. The fleet did pretty good nailing some good kill which can be found here (Thursday 8th between 1800 and 2200).

Lots of fun for everyone involved!