Tuesday, 13 July 2010

the plan.

Ok so I haven’t posted for a few days, I have been having a hectic time IRL, I did manage to log on for an hour Sunday to move some stuff for a corp member through from hek to aurner, wasn’t a bad run, he scouted the only lowsec gate and I took vespa through in her hauler, a nice 5 mill for helping him out, everyone was happy.

I have been doing a lot of research on covert ops skills and have found Im not far of having the skills to be a pretty good cloaky prober. Now I have never probed in my eve life but I quite like the idea of going out in a covert ops and finding some one at a safe warping in all cloaky like and then having the fleet warp to be and obliterate them :)
The next logical step after that would be a force recon and assist in the kills. Which again I almost have all the skills for (minus the cov-ops skills)..so..I am now training the last big skill, electronic upgrades V- 14 odd days, then cloak to V, 4 days and a few probey skills like range finding ect to 3, while saving up to buy me my new toy.
I think I should be able to buy and fit one for about 30 mill, then a few days playing with it to get good before I take it out for a real test. Although I wont be getting on that many kill mails in it would be a handy resource for the new academy pilots and FC’s to have.