Thursday, 8 July 2010

Fun Fun and recruitment news !

Hello loyal blog readers, Last night I managed to get on in time for some good fights and one lot of payback! You may remember some time ago I mentioned a couple of asshat’s were hanging about outside out home station in aurner shooting our new rabbits and generally being a pain in the ass as it was all station games…we got him last night! We had a BC camp up on the Amo gate and he decided to have a pop at a rabbit as he returned to the station, not realising all the rest of the fleet was undocked and aligned to him :P you can find the kill mail
here, he lost over 131 mill in ship and mods and god knows how much in implants as we podded him. Pay back was good.

After that we managed to get out on a roam, just a few of us to begin with as is normal, Mail lite was FC, we had a new member with us in a punisher, a AF and I was flying tackle in my punisher “ass muncher” lol. The first kill came after we warped on to a belt that had a rifter only to see him warp out as we landed, I asked the fleet to sod off on a hunch he may come back …and 2 seconds later warped back to the belt at 70 km, I asked the fleet to hold until I had point, and headed for him with MWD, once I had point I started pounding him and the fleet warped to me at their optimal he melted fast, and was no real problem after mail landed and perma jammed him, kill mail is

We then moved on to amamake, it was a bit too busy in there for any real hunting however we managed to catch a stabber in there carrying BPC’s?? we quickly popped him and caught his pod, we let our new member pop the pod to get his first kill mail and sec status hit (and for fun). The kill mail is

After this we headed back to aurner however there were an insane amount of gate camps on the way back, most of us made it fine however oto did lose his assault frig.

If this sort of fun sounds like something you would like to be part of the academy is having a recruitment drive at the moment. We are looking for new pirates to teach, there is a thread up on the eve forums with details of how to apply here. also you can check out our forums for details on how to apply
So if flying with drunken rum soaked pirates appeals to you please apply!