Friday, 2 July 2010

bad idea..

I had a blonde moment last night.. a few of the rabbits were huning in auner and caught a guy outside our station, I warped in to join the fight just in time to see his ship pop, burned to wards his pod and let rip...

Thing I forgot was I was 20km from the station and was in range of the sentry guns flying a rifter...not a good combination. On the upside I got on the pod kill and managed to drop my sec status that little bit more and most of my modules were recovered. the downside was I lost a rifter to a stupid mistake.

I noticed Last night vespa is sitting on a few million isk now which means some of here stock has been sold, i think tonight I will take her out mining for a but and see if I can get some more rifters and mods built to help fund astral's pirate ways.