Monday, 5 July 2010


Well I have to tell you all my bounty topped out at 112 million isk, damn that was an impressive display, i have no idea how you guys got it that high but made me feel good to think maybe a i have a lot of readers all donating 5k, or maybe a few that donated a huge amount...either way thank you it made me feel really good about the blog.
Tonight I logged in a little after 7 and jumped straight into a fleet that was out, unfortunately they were on the way back form a roam and i only managed to catch up in resbroko 1 jump from home. i did get to spot a celebrity tho, helicity boston of Hulkageddon fame was playing in system, we didnt get into a serious fight and my only contribution was to warp straight into helicity only to warp straight out as we were ordered to leave it and head back to aurner.
We were followed back to our system by a slightly disgruntled ex rabbit, by the name of Dame death, what ensued was a bit unpleasent. Dame sat a few km off our station talking smack in local trying to bait some of the new TBRA members into a fight they couldn't win, several of the older TBRA members tried to talk sensible to their old freind but it didnt work, in the end a few members of the black rabbits propper undocked in battle ships and let rip. Dame death docked made a few carrier threats then logged. Im not sure if his grudge was against TBRA or if he was looking for easy kills on new pirates, but it lacked class.

On the upside after the messing about i did get to see a good 1v1 honored between to very good drake pilot's. The rabbits always honor 1v1 but not many others do so it was a refreshing change. unfortunately after that i had to log off as i had a few bits to do, just as another roam was heading out..but there is always tomorrow.

As a side note id like to congratulate jareck, the new CEO of the academy, he was a awesome director and instructor and im sure will mold a lot of awesome pirates in his image.

Have fun guys!