Friday, 16 July 2010

Hey guys I haven’t been posting much this week as RL has been busy and the times I have logged on to eve, haven’t gone to plan…I managed to log on a couple of days ago and got out on a frig roam down to anamake, as we got there we found ourselves a nice myrm to play with and tried to kill it, due to some confusion with the targets being called, new members ignoring the drones and some support turning up for the myrm we got a bit of a kicking.
The guys that lost their ships podded back to auner to reship and those that got out ok (me included) waited out our GCC bouncing about..then some thing new and interesting happened, I got to FC us back home lol, due mainly to the fact I was the only one left with voice com’s as some mic issues were going on, I led us back safely until I found a flashy red cruiser on a station …we had 4 frigs…it was a toss up but I thought it would salvage the night if we killed it, we burned in and lit him up…was going quite well until I realised one of the frigs had gone down and T2 drones were out, because I was watching the overview instead of fleet channel i didn’t see him go …my fail.
I gave the order to de aggress and run, im not sure if they didn’t hear me or chose not to but I was the only one coming back from that roam in the ship I left in.
Last night was a little more successful, on logging in I headed over to the white rabbit channel, the whites for anyone unaware are our industrial and logistic corp..a excellent corp for mission runners and miners haulers ect ( keep an eye on our forums to see when recruitment is open if you like the idea of safe access to lowsec without the bother of being a pirate), I asked if they could build me a nice amanthena cov ops frig as I will be able to fly one in a week or to and id rather keep the isk in the alliance. I was told by our newest bloggerLotrias (go read his blog!!) that he had a couple laying about, after some negotiation, he agreed to let me have one free..IF I promise not to get it killed, and promote his blog like mad (seriously go read his blog :P).
After the negotiating I wanted to kill something but couldn’t find much to kill and people went going on a roam till later, so I invited a fellow rabbit by the name of whiteshark for a duel, me in my punisher “ass muncher 1” he bought a rifter, it was a duel to structure.
Was a close fight, to begin with he tore through my shields much faster that I could hit him as I was webbed and he was not, as a punisher has only 2 mids (AB and scram) however as I hit armour he hit a brick wall and as I was using ACII as well I was also at my optimal, I slowly took him into structure as I was around 405 armour.
Was a good fight, he may have won had he properly rigged the rifter but who knows.
After that I had to log off but I will be taking part in a frig tournament this weekend with any luck so should have lots to report.

Have fun!!!