Wednesday, 30 June 2010

station fun

Ok true to my word I logged on last night for a little pirate action, I was a few jumps out from our main hangout, and flew my vengeance back with little problem’s as I reached the station I notice it was being camped by a vagabond and a punisher, but paid it no attention as I docked.
Now one fact I have forgot to mention is our new friends that have moved in ..the python cartel. Ever since the have moved in we have had a few run in’s, some times we gank them sometimes they gank us, last night I got screwed.
After docking we had some talk about popping the two jerks outside the station, we new they had decent ships but we had a few BC that could take them and tank the station guns, while the BC’s sat outside.
I decided to undock in a rifter and have a torment on my own, I undocked and locked up the punisher (knowing if he fired the station guns would pop him with me)he didn’t bite and docked up… as he docked my BC friends warped off to a belt so I decided to play a new game, I burned out to about 180k from the station and waited, sure enough the punisher undocked and SLOWLY started towards me, at this point I gave the request to warp to me on my command with a plan to point him and have the BC’s warp in and rape him. However this was mis-understood and a premature warp in spoiled the game.
As we made our way back to the station a new toy came in, a flashy red thrasher and docked, we all took our places at the undock to wait for him. I had a fast locking rifter, sadly he didn’t undock in the 15 min’s we waited and we were unable to provide him with the “ohmygodwhatthefuckjusthappened” experience we had hoped.
After all this talk of station games and killing bigger pray I decided I needed to bring a Bc to the fleet, I was however short on funds after buy god knows how many frigs and AF’s for fast fleets. So I Borrowed a few mill (70) from mail and bought a nice new harby in hek and fitted it…however I needed to wait 24 hours before flying it back to lowsec due to some items not being in stock, so I took one of my spare rifters back…I’m glad it was only a rifter as upon jumping in to resbroko I was locked up but several battlecruiser’s and obliterated, a Python cartel gate camp, lead by the famous
Andrea Skye. It was certainly an alert and on the ball camp to pick up a fast moving rifter, although I was popped I was impressed. I did manage to get the pod out.

I can see some really good fights coming up with the pythons over the next few weeks.