Tuesday, 15 June 2010

That sounds familiar..

Last night was much the same as most of my nights have been lately, I logged in after work and logged on to Vespa Dominix my mining and trading alt, she is still quite new so I am just building her skills and wallet a little, about 7 or 8 ish I logged in to astral to head out on a frigate roam and indulge the rum soaked pirate in me.. After a couple of jumps we found a hurricane,one of the frigs moved to get point but was being hit hard at long range and had to pull back, the hurricane was moving very very fast!

I warped to the gate he was at and landed 180 km out and started burning towards him in my rifter - I was determined to web and point him and get the fleet a warp in! As I closed I brought up his info- pyjama sam... That sounded familiar but I couldn't place it at the time, I asumed he was a fellow blogger. As I got to 60 km he opened up on me and popped my rifter before I could get close enough o provide a warp in, at that point we decided he was more trouble than he was worth but were impressed with his fit...

All night the name bugged me... This morning I remembered how I knew it, pyjama sam is the guy that makes capsuleer the iPhone app with roc! Small universe isn't it.

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