Friday, 11 June 2010

pirates 101

I have noticed over the past few weeks a LOT of people i know are very unaware of what pirate's get up to and meny ship losses could be avoided by not being a dumbass.

So here goes - most pirates are less intresseted in popping you than ransoming you, if you travel through lowsec and dont want to lose your ship and fittings make sure you have enough in your wallet to cover a ransom, if you are in a 30+ mill ship and claim to have 400k in your wallet, they will pop you on pricipal, but they would rather take the money if you make a sensible offer.

secondly, dont be a dick, many pirates try to be as nice with the whole " your money or you life!" thing as posible and if you accept it is just buisness not personal things will go better.

If you have a boat load of implants ant dont want to lose those...offer to eject from the ship if the agree not to pod, this will allow you to lose a ship without risking millions in implants.

If you have freinds a few jumps away or in the next system DONT call them in!! If they arrive they will either be killed to Or you will be popped quick and pirates will safe before you even get close.

these are just a few tips for any one on the wrong end of a pirate fight in lowsec, I am by no means an expert yet but a lot of people talking to me have no clue at all.

on a side note, I was out on another roam with The Black Rabbits again last night and mannaged to help pop a claw, i even landed the final blow :) that felt good the group also caught a bestower but I wasnt fast enough getting to it to assist in popping it, mail was to quick with his guns lol.

Unfortunatly shortly after I had a RL emergency come up wich forced me to log off fast and leave the roam. still there is always tomorrow

have fun